Wooden Flooring Or Vinyl Flooring – Which Is Better

Wooden Flooring Or Vinyl FlooringWooden flooring and vinyl flooring are two of the most popular forms of flooring used these days and both of them have their respective pros and cons. People often have a common question as to which one is better. Well there some differences between these two and it is up to you to decide which one you will choose. Given below are some of the points that will help you to decide between the two:

• Vinyl flooring is normally done by mixing plasticizers with polyvinyl chloride along with pigments to give a good color. They are known to be fine textured and flexible and non porous but they are not preferred in high traffic areas. Wooden flooring on the other hand is made by printing and sticking process but unlike vinyl flooring they are preferable for the high traffic areas.

• Vinyl flooring is well known for being water resistant, sound proof and 100% bacterial and termite proof. But wooden flooring is not like that. They are prone to getting termites and if there is water in a corner for days then the wooden floor can start to get decayed.

• One of the main problems with vinyl flooring is that they tend to get bubbles sooner or later. This is one major drawbacks of vinyl flooring which isn’t there in wooden flooring. The materials used in vinyl flooring are such that they form bubbles very quickly.

• Another major disadvantage of vinyl which you will not find in wooden flooring is that of the life span. Vinyl flooring needs to be maintained almost on a daily basis in order to increase its life span. Wooden floors on the other hand do not need so much of daily maintenance.

Vintage shutter for home décor

Vintage shutterShutters can be a very nice addition as a home décor for your house. This will definitely make your home look attractive and charming. They have functions other than adding an aesthetic value. The shutters were initially used to protect the house from bad weather such as wind, snow, hot sun, powerful winds etc. During serious unrest in weather flying fragments, wood, pieces of metals can also enter the house that can cause serious damage and injury.

Now days board and batten shutters are used to protect the house but there are many houses that are not affected much by the bad weather, hence they become beautiful inclusions to the house. If there is any sudden change in the weather conditions ten it can surely protect the house from all discomforts. They are usually provided with locks so that nobody can actually get in through the windows. This gives private place to the house.

For the homes that are available for vacation, batten shutters can close the room from the outside world and can give private space. Shutters can also be found in the vintage style or modern style. They are available in large variety of colors, style, designs etc. You can do some of your personal research on Google to find out the different patterns in which the vintage shutters are available. You can surf the internet to find out more about vintage designs. Vinyl shutters can be one of its examples as they are traditional and can last for about 40 years. They are easy to clean and are available in batten, board and louvered. They can also be painted upon. Aluminum shutters can last up to 3 years. They are of the faux louvered style. If you are creative then you can buy the basic design and do the crafting work yourself.

Appropriate Cleaning Techniques For Silk Curtains

Cleaning Techniques For Silk CurtainsAppropriate Cleaning Techniques for Silk Curtains is a pretty important issue for you. There is no way that you can choose to take a negligent stance in this regard. The reverse is going to be true. As a matter of fact, you need to ensure that you are going to be meticulous in this connection.

• Let us focus on the first things first. In the first place you are going to ensure that you are going to be as cautious as possible. Your prior concern should be the well being of the Silk Curtains of your house. Therefore choose to be precise in the steps that you are going to adopt. You need to make it a point that the steps are damage proof.
• Choose to be precise at the time of hand wash. As a matter of fact it is the particular aspect of hand wash that could pose to be a threat. No sweat! It could pose to be a threat only when you are not careful enough. If you are going to be careful then you are not supposed to face any kind of problem. Make use of vinegar while washing the silk curtain.
• Choose to be precise as well as careful at the time of rinsing the silk curtains. You should know that the rinsing of the silk curtains is a very important step. Make no mistakes about it. Choose to be precise in the steps that you are going to adopt.

Appropriate Cleaning Techniques for Silk Curtains should be a prior concern for you at any cost. Make it a point that you are going to keep the aforementioned facts and figures in mind. You need to do that at any cost for sure.

Colours To Be Used For Small Bedrooms

Small Bedrooms coloralign=”left” style=”padding-right:10px”Urbanisation is leading to a gradual decline in proper spread out and spacious apartments. Small house spaces puts a constraint in deciding what colour schemes can be used to make the house look vivid and presentable. Small living spaces often don’t let us experiment with new colours. However the pinks, greens, blues and neutrals are always there to save us from giving it thoughts on how to make it look different. These colours come to the rescue every time.


Blue has a light feeling about it. It is the colour of water and thus very universal. Darker shades of blue like navy blue should be avoided in small bedrooms however the lighter shades with a combination of jet white always looks good. It creates a refreshing cool ambience making the bedroom look more welcoming and comforting.


Another universally accepted colour and spectacular choice for making your bedroom look right. Green too creates a minty fresh ambience. Just like the blue colour it is inviting and refreshing and cool. Also like the blue green gels with white so it will create an even better effect when mixed with white.


Pink creates a very cosy atmosphere. It is the perfect colour to denote an ambience which isn’t so warm or so cold. It is in perfect harmony. Also, a dark shade on pink in a small bedroom would look half as good as a light shade. This shade is soft and makes the room look bigger comparatively.


Neutrals whether plain or mixed, looks fabulous. If using plain neutrals like beige, off white, peach, white or grey the furniture and pillow covers and bed sheets can be used to give the room a more interesting look. If using two colours at a time, nothing else needs to be done.

Feng Shui for home decor

Feng ShuiAre you planning to do up the décor of your new home? Well, decking up a new home and adorning it just the way you want it to, is definitely a lot of fun. However, while decorating your home there are a lot of things that will need consideration and you are a believer of Feng Shui then knowing about home Feng Shui home decoration tips will not in handy. There are many Feng Shui rules which promote healthy environment at home and these rules are based on the belief that “chi” or universal energy is omnipresent and influences our life in a big way.

The balance between nature’s masculine and feminine principles forms the basis of harmonious and peaceful living according to Feng Shui and while the masculine principle is known as “yang” the feminine principle is known as “yin”. As per Feng Shui, tall, angular and hard objects as well as feisty and bright colors are yang and soft and curved objects in lighter hues are yin and both yang and yin should be mixed together in home décor to ensure balance and harmony in the house. However, though you should mix the two forces in each room, you must let one predominant based on the activities that will take place in the room. For example, in the kitchen bright light (yang) is needed while in the bedroom soft light (yin) is required.
As per Feng Shui rules, it is always very important to keep room clean and tidy and clutters can result in bad or negative energy. Make sure that mess does not pile up in your house and rent a storage unit or use your basement or attic to keep the things that you do not need.

Also conflicting elements like sink (water) and oven (fire) should not be placed to very close proximity to each other.

Coloring up a small bedroom

small bedroomThe urban homeowners often complain about their space constrictions. Small bedrooms do not allow experimenting with just any color you want- however; it doesn’t imply that you are left with meager choices for small bedroom colors. In fact, there are a great lot of shades that can beautify your little bed chamber sans a dingy effect. The post here is a short not on the right colors for your small bedroom.


Neutrals are some of the best choices when it comes to small bedroom colors. You can go for white, off-white or beige in varying tones. The neutral shades carry a light feel that makes your room look really spacious and airy. If you think plain neutral is getting too stark for your bedroom, you can brighten up the space by using colorful fabrics on your bedding and pillow covers.


Pink highlights softness and creates a cozy feel around, the perfect theme for any bedroom. The best part about the shade is that it’s neither too warm nor too cold and hence ensures a perfectly harmonious ambience inside. Much like the neutrals, a light pink shade would be able to create the needed space illusion in your small bedroom, making it look bigger.


Blue is one of the most prominent choices when it comes to the bedroom colors. The color contains a unique cooling effect which assures a refreshing ambience inside. In regards to small bedroom, stay away from royal blue and settle with lighter tones. You can even make a good contrast pairing light blue with stark white.


It’s another fabulous choice for the small bedrooms. Green carries a refreshing feel and would add on a rejuvenating effect in your bedroom. Go with mint green when you have small bedroom. Much like blue, green gels well with a white contrast.

Decorate your living room with wooden furniture

wooden furnitureDecorating your living room can be very interesting especially if you have some great ideas in mind and you have the means to incorporate them. In fact interior decoration is something that pays a lot nowadays but what if you are selecting only one part of the decorating concept. Take for example only the furniture part. When it comes to furniture it should always be wooden. They give that classy feeling and make your room look much better. If you are planning to decorate your living room for some occasion then it is obvious that there should be people coming in. So instead of the plastic chairs it would be great if you arrange for wooden chairs. There are various types of wooden chairs that are available nowadays and you can pick up sets from them. The good thing is if you take in sets then the cost would be comparatively lower. Although the overall cost will be a bit more than the plastic ones or the rust free ones but the ambience and overall feeling is way different from them.

Apart from chairs there are various other wooden furniture that you can include in your living room. Tables are something that often comes handy in keeping things. So you can choose from the tables section also. There are tables of different sizes for your own benefit. If you want a coffee table then that would be a small however if the purpose is something bigger then you can choose from the bigger sizes as well. You also have the options of sofas. Since a living room is comparatively bigger than the other rooms it is very natural to have a sofa set so that people can sit comfortably. You can also include a small cupboard to keep essential things.

Tips to choose the right home remodeling contractor

home remodeling contractorAre you on a plan for home remodeling off late? Well, a makeover is certainly necessary to ensure an improved living for your family but you have to get hold of a reliable remodeling contractor here. Now there are a great lot of home remodeling contractors around but not everyone can be compatible for you. Home renovation is a huge investment and hence you should make sure to settle with someone worthy of your investment. The article here presents some tips that will help in choosing the right home remodeling contractor.

Healthy market reputation

Make sure that the home remodeling contractor you are taking to holds a healthy market reputation for quality and lasting work. Opt for a market survey here where you will pick 4-5 potential remodeling contractors and study them thoroughly. The expert reviews online and the customer testimonials can provide you a fair idea on the worth of these contractors. You should also browse through the previous works of the contractors to understand their quality and finesse.

Extensive support

Your chosen home remodeling contractor should promise to support you comprehensively right from the initial stages till the final lap. This includes thorough assistance from renovation design, project management, installation and supervision.

Customized approach

Every homeowner has his own personal specifications regarding home renovation. Thus, an ideal home remodeling contractor is the one who can is always to follow a customized service approach for every project undertaken. Make sure that your selected home remodeling company is ready to allot you adequate space and time where you can go candid with your respective facelift particulars.

Quality supplies

Then your home remodeling contractor must promise to support you with quality building materials only, sourced from top notch manufacturers.


Last but not the least, there must be minimum one year of warranty assurance from the home remodeling contractor.

Pendant lights are good for a cozy dining ambience

Pendant lights, home decorPendant lights are often regarded as hanging sensation in the lighting scene. These lights hang down from a rod fixed to your ceiling. The light is great to create a cozy dining ambience and thus is often hung over the dining tables.
Its both fashionable and functional and presents your room with a touch of luxury without being too dazzling, unlike the magnanimous chandeliers. The light emitted from pendant lights is enough to light up your entire dining table. You will find them in different sizes to choose from as per the size of your room and table.

Then, you have the pendant lights available in a versatile spread of designs. You will find them with ornate designs to complement your classy décor while streamlined designs are available as well to match up with trendy dining spaces. It’s good to inform that latest pendant lights can run on battery and so you would be saved from wiring hassles.

Avoid DIY disasters

DIY disasters, DIY tipsNowadays the internet is flooded with many tips and procedures which help you out with projects for “do it yourself”, or abbreviated as DIY. These kinds of projects and set of instructions are not limited to a particular area. You can find these DIY tips catering to various topics like that of construction, or cooking, or even beauty and hairstyling. Surely these tips are quite helpful in many ways. They save your money and skill you well. Also they make a great activity for enjoyment and pastime. But many DIY tips turn out to be a disaster. So how do you avoid that from happening?

If you are a newbie at this, then you should probably pick up a simple DIY task which involves single tasks. If the project is something major, then ensure to get the necessary permission for it. The most important step is to check the hazardous level of products used or the task been carried out. This will ensure the avoidance of major disasters of your DIY projects.

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